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Isabella Greenwood is a London-based writer focusing on visual media, contemporary art, modern-day practices, internet culture, paganism and mythology – challenging deeply rooted cultural categories of the illusory and the real, while also exploring folkloric epistemologies within a climate of alienation.
Greenwood has worked as a contributing editor for 9vt\5 publishing house, as well as working as editor-in-chief for political video and photography art marketplace Uncontaminated. Greenwood's work on the phenomenological exclusion of migrants has been published in academic journal: The Contemporary Review of Political Violence & Genocide, entitled: "Inside/Outside: A Critical Phenomenology of Racialised Spaces in Refugee Art" (2020).
Greenwood is currently the astrologer for arts and culture magazine The Toe Rag, and writes on topics ranging from necromancy, chaos magick, folkloric rites, astral projection, the ethics of witchcraft, and the intersections of gender identities and the occult, for publications like Dazed and Cosmopolitan. Greenwood also writes on post-internet ethnology, trends and contemporary fixations, with articles ranging from the dissection of catholic core, aesthetics of embalmment, and diaristic practices, for publications such as Plaster magazine. 

Isabella Greenwood holds a degree in History of Art, with a double minor in both Philosophy and Gender/ Feminist/ Social Justice/ Sexaul Studies from McGill University, Canada. She is currently training in pychosynthesis psychotherapy and somatic psychology. 

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